For Victims Of Online Slander

"My name is Scott Radin, owner of A.S. Radin & Associates and the North American Alliance of Business Brokers and I am the victim of one of the Internet's most brutal slander attempts in 2009 -2011...

Are You The victim of online slander?

We are sorry. But all is not lost. First thing, don't fight it and don't bash it. The online slander will not go away. And if you threaten these online slander sites, they will just make your online complaint more prevalent. But all is not lost!

So what can you do?

Well you could pay $10,000 or more to someone who is going bury these online slander postings - it may work but wow - that's quite a price. And most can't afford it.

So what can you do?

If it's true then face it head on and address it. You have to post a rebuttal on the slander site on what you did to correct it.

BUT IF IT ISN'T TRUE then don't hide from it. We built a business broker empire while being the victim of one of the worst online slander attempts of all time. And we will tell you how.

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Scott Radin is considered an industry pioneer in business brokering services and wants to share his story on how he built NAABB into an industry power while having a vicious online attack viewed by all.


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We are here to help you breathe as you face an online attack. It is VERY difficult to read and part of your moral being wants to scream out WHY?


We can't control the underbelly of society who use anonymous online attacks to hide their serious moral deficiencies.


And the sites they post on love it because the more anonymous complaints they collect, the more they can sell their reputation repair services.

Having a presence on LinkedIn establishes credibility and connections.

The BBB is a TRUE consumer agency so become accredited when  others look into you