A MUST READ For Those Looking Into Scott Radin & A.S. Radin & Associates
Owner of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers and A.S. Radin & Associates

Industry Leader Scott Radin and his companies succeed & his brokers thrive despite vicious and slanderous anonymous online attacks

You may have read them - anonymous pot shots taken at Scott Radin and A.S. Radin & Associates in the fall of 2009 to the spring of 2010 accusing Scott Radin of ripping off his brokers and not providing services as represented. These personal attacks reached surreal status when it attacked Scott Radin at the most personal of levels claiming Scott was a convicted sex offender. Despite these attacks, Scott Radin, A.S. Radin & Associates and NAABB have thrived and continue to lead the industry in both creativity and ethics.

The reality is that Scott and his company A.S. Radin & Associates have received commendation from the Better Business Bureau for being one of the highest inquired about businesses while maintaining an A+ rating. And anyone looking into Scott finds that the sex offender pot shot was slander designed to attack him at the most personal levels.

So why do these potshots continually pop up at top of search results if they are 4-5 years old? Because anywhere between 500 - 1,000 people a week look into him so all links specifically referencing Scott achieve high ranking on Google. Contrary to what some may think, a high ranking on a search engine does not make the content relevant or true. And unlike in Europe, 3rd party search results cannot be removed.


The reality is that the North American Alliance of Business Brokers and A.S. Radin & Associates currently has over 90 broker locations across the USA and Canada (update now 100 locations).  And every one of them has seen these cowardly attacks and did their due diligence finding that these shots taken at Scott online are nothing more than an attempt to smear a good reputation.   

Scott Radin has been training and supporting business brokers since 2001 and over this time has become the industry leader in independent business broker training. Unfortunately, his presence in the industry has made him a target for cowards taking anonymous potshots at him to both extort money and ruin his reputation. BUT if you are going to read the attacks on Scott then of course you also owe it to yourself to try and prove them - which you will not be able to do because all of these dark attacks are made up to slander his reputation.

Scott Radin provides all prospective business brokers the opportunity to speak to current NAABB business brokers as part of their due diligence.

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I have seen some of the most horrible things written about me. The worst of the worst- I was purported to be a convicted sex offender in NYC in the late 90's - yes someone went that low and while a simple search in the National Sex Offender Registry shows no such conviction, I have had some openly question me on it. Seriously, how low can someone go? I know why - I coach a girls travel softball team and he was trying to smear me at the darkest of levels! I have been accused by this same slug of "ripping off" 10 trainees back in 2009 under a different program offered by a different company whom I provided training services for. However I was never served a complaint by the Better Business Bureau or anyone else for that matter.

The irony here is that this other company "ripped" me off and I ceased doing business with them. This other company dissolved leaving the brokers hanging and while I did not have to, I reached out to those brokers with a continuing support model which most accepted. So while one broker keeps coming with anonymous attacks (I know who he is) - the reality is that most of the rest appreciated me coming to their aide. And I chuckle at the emails I supposedly sent or guarantees I supposedly made that he blogs.

That one broker hiding behind anonymity (who had to register at our local police station during training) tried extorting money from me in 2010 threatening to slander my image and when I refused he started his cowardly attacks (which I filed a criminal complaint against with the NY State Police). He is responsible for the attacks above (and does so pretending to be multiple people - how sad). I have also been attacked by the shadiest of business broker franchisor owners - but that one makes me laugh because it sounds like a child having his or her toys taken away. I challenge you that if you do have questions about my business or moral integrity that you email me at scott@asradin.com so we can set up a time to talk as I do not hide from anything nor will I bow to the slime in the industry.

Let's face it, whatever field one is in - the leaders get attacked. Whether it is a politician or the CEO of a corporation, the leaders get attacked by those whom are defeated. The way I look at it is that anyone who even remotely believes unsubstantiated anonymous complaints without inquiring about it to me is not someone I want to be associated with.

Management 101 Ė if someone canít sign their name to a complaint for verification then it is not worth reading! The business brokering industry is full of shady characters who feel the best way to compete is to attack others rather than provide a good service themselves. More so, when someone like Scott Radin pioneers an industry he is subject to attacks from those he is either beating OR those who see an opportunity to try and extort money through anonymous cowardly attacks posted online where the Freedom of Internet act protects them. And one person using multiple pseudonyms seems determined to ruin his reputation with some of the dirtiest personal and professional attacks ever seen online!

So as I am under attack from dark reaches of the industry here is who I really am...

  1. Father of three daughters and caregiver to an ailing wife whom I support in sickness
  2. Head Coach of a national girls travel softball team
  3. Volunteer Director of two different youth softball tournaments
  4. Sponsor and contributor to five different youth based organizations
  5. Sponsor and contributor to numerous other fundraising events

So to a couple of anonymous cowards I seem to be a jerk - to everyone else I am described as "putting the interest of others before my own". I care about my family and friends - and I care about our brokers because our brokers are my extended family.

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